Villa 4C - Máquina para Cápsulas Villa Café



The Villa 4C is a Villa Café Capsule machine: fast, practical and beautiful. It produces several drinks in seconds. And even more, it leaves any place of the house even more beautiful.
Villa Café 4C System - Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate and Tea

Pressure: 19BAR
Power supply: 110-127 V / 220-240 V
- 127V: 900-1400 Watts / 60Hz
- 240V: 1250-1450 Watts / 60 Hz
Dimensions: 162 X 260 X 350 mm
Net Weight: 3.1 kg
Gross Weight: 4.8 kg

  1. Villa Filtered Coffee - Gourmet Coffee Soft, as if extracted in the filter
  2. Villa Gourmet Coffee - The Perfect Espresso, Sweet, Consistent Cream and Chocolate Notes
  3. Villa Café Santa Origin - Gourmet Coffee Intense, Full Body and Notes of Red Fruits
  4. Traditional Cappuccino - Extremely Creamy and Differentiated Vanilla Touch
  5. Cappuccino Zero - Reduced caloric content and no added sugars (contains the natural sugar of the ingredients)
  6. Natural Matte Tea - Novelty Villa Coffee for You to Enjoy Warm or Ice Cream
  7. Creamy Chocolate - Unmatched Hot Chocolate
  8. Creamy Milk - So Delicious it can be Appreciated Pure and Perfect to compose your Italian Cappuccino.
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