Villa Café Santa Origem on Sachet - Box w/ 30 unit


The name Santa Origem is not by chance. After all, the meaning of “Santa” is: essentially pure, perfect. The coffee we harvest in the South of Minas that we decided to call Santa Origem is, in fact, perfect. Harvested by hand at the beginning of the harvest, the grains pass through the most important filter of quality: the tact, the perception and the sensitivity of professionals with extensive experience in the selection of coffee. Therefore, the Santa Origem is like this: very high quality, with notes of red fruits. And, of course, 100% Arabica.

Obviously, Santa Origem has become a huge success at Villa Café. A high-intensity coffee for European-style connoisseurs



The Santa Origem sachet is another method we found to offer this incredible coffee to you. In each sachet there is enough for a cup. That is, it is simple, practical in addition to hygienic.



100% Arabica Coffee

Box with 30 sachets

01 year of Expiration date

Brazilian industry



100% Arabica

Intensity 10

Dark Torra

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