Kit de Cápsulas Villa 4C - 72 unid - 8 Sabores


Exclusive to the #Villa4C system.

#Villa4C capsules are 100% Brazilian. Cool, right? But what does it mean?
Just remember the following information: Coffee is the seed of a fruit. That is: just like apple, tomato, chestnut, beans and other natural foods, the fresher the better the quality.

The Villa 4C capsules are made with coffee harvested here and the product produced at a local factory, which means the Villa 4C shells are the ones that arrive freshest to you.

Compatible with Villa 4C

The capsules are not compatible to Nespresso


  • Box with 9 capsules;
  • Capsules produced in Brazil industry for the first time. That's why is the product is even more fresh;
  • Ideal for those who needs a quick and practical preparation.
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