Cápsulas Villa 4C Cappuccino Tradicional - Cx c/ 9 unid


For more than 200 years, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, coffee beans were taken care of by the same family, with an intense and unconditional love in the Santa Helena and Don Bosco Farms. Villa 4C Gourmet is another product of this love: 100% Ground Arabica Coffee. Now, the famous Italian drink, in the hands of the Villa Café, arrives on another level. For a very simple reason: the choice of ingredients of high quality. We mix milk with coffee and vanilla, creating the creamy aspect of the drink. So our masterpiece is made: the ultra-mega-creamy Cappuccino Traditional Villa Café.

Compatible with Villa 4C

The capsules are not compatible to Nespresso


  • Box with 9 capsules;
  • Capsules produced in Brazil industry for the first time. That's why is the product is even more fresh;
  • Ideal for those who needs a quick and practical preparation.
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